Tuesday, November 24, 2009

‘Swamp Thing’

Matt with 'Swamp Thing'
'Swamp Thing'

‘Swamp Thing’ is one of Matt Layden’s adorable little boats, now owned and being restored by Dave and Mindy Bolduc who have their fabulous Microcrusing web site at: http://www.microcruising.com . Matt sailed this unique 13’ 2” decked sharpie-type boat from Connecticut to the Bahamas and back. To learn more about this audacious cruise have a look at: http://www.microcruising.com/other1.htm . She was the prototype for Matt’s use of chine runners, which he effectively applied to ‘Paradox’ and ‘Enigma’. Another innovative aspect of the design was the inclusion of oar ports on either side of the vessel, so that she could be rowed from inside, in similar fashion to Bolger’s Birdwatcher. To my mind she is the epitome of a one man, ultra-micro-sailboat, capable of beach cruising and short offshore passages in settled weather.

Details of ‘Swamp Thing'

LOA 13’ 2”

Beam 3’ 2”

Draft 7”

Displacement 900 lbs

Sail Area 73 sq ft (Simple Lugsail, manually furled)

Construction Epoxy GRP sheathed exterior grade plywood

Ballast Fresh water

Built 1986


Before I built my Matt Layden ‘Paradox’ I made a model based on ‘Swamp Thing’, with a view to building a full size version. I named the design ‘Pronto’, but after deliberations, I opted for the bigger, proven ‘Paradox’. Maybe one day, I’ll get around to building ‘Pronto’ which is almost identical to Matt’s original ‘Swamp Thing'.


Pictures of ‘Swamp Thing’ being renovated


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