Friday, January 01, 2016

Bill’s Small Sailboats - The Future

Regular readers will be aware of the lack of recent articles. My custom for many years has been to post to my websites (no longer active) and to my blog on a daily basis, mostly about boating activities, boatbuilding, sailing and yachting.

However, the time has come when I feel I can no longer keep to a daily schedule. I find it simply too demanding. Likewise, my energy and enthusiasm for activity on the water has become much diminished on account of physical demands that I can no longer meet.

In view of the reality I’m forced to accept that postings in future to the blog will be sporadic, but I shall keep it active, i.e., running online to be used as a resource. To get the best out of it I suggest visitors should look for whatever may interest them by typing subjects into the ‘search’ box in the top lefthand corner of the Homepage.

If you are interested in a particular sailing boat you may prefer to look at an alphabetical list to be found at my Small Sailboats page: and if you want to read my Cruising Logs go to: .

Thank you to all who have followed the blog, and in particular my thanks go to those who have added comments, especially to those who have given of their time to inform us in detail of facts, thoughts and opinions.

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