Cruising Logs

A blog with a single, but continuous page has limitations; the most problematic is finding specific articles about certain subjects. Therefore I have added this page which will make it easy for readers to find the starting pages of my Cruising Logs. These are set out below.

After reading the first page of a particular log, to visit the next page, click the appropriate link on the right-hand side. Links are usually numbered, and they are in date order.

Please enjoy reading them. If you have any comments, could you add them to this page, rather than at the log.


Cruising Trailer Sailers/Canoes/Day Boats

Cruise to Alderney

'Micro’s’ Cruises No 2 -Hullbridge/Roach Part 1 

‘Micro’ at Holy Island, Part 1


The Cruise Part 1 ‘Faith’ to the Scilly Isles


Day Sailing ‘Talitha’

Poole Harbour with ‘Sandpiper’ – Part 1

Pottering – Part 1 -  A South Coast Cruise with 'Sandpiper', my West Wight Potter.


Cruising Pocket Sailboats

‘Zeta’ - Folksong

Cruise of the ‘Aziz’ a Pioneer 9 Part 1

Lady Ashquelon

‘Apple Charlotte’, part 1


‘Bumper’s’ Cruise, First Day


‘Ladybird’s’ Cruise - First day (Follow date links to right of page for rest of the cruise)

Cruising with Others

Round Britain and Ireland Race
Small Fry – Part 1

Pinto’s’ Summer Cruise, 1975, part 1

Cruise of the ‘Ishani’, a 26’ Eventide – Part 1

A Memorable Cruise, Part 1

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