Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Mail Online

I was checking out apps on my iPhone and I stumbled across the Mail Online app. This is a free application that brings you to the online newspaper. In a much more detailed presentation the full Mail Online website* is accessible via home computers, laptops and tablets. It has a large selection of topics, including up-to-date news, a U.S. page, TV and Showbiz happenings, a special section for ladies called Femail; there’s one about health, another reporting on science, and many more. All of these topical pages can be browsed for free.

If you are selective in your reading and avoid topics you would rather not know about, you can learn a great deal. However, I was shocked when looking at the Mail Online via my iPhone, because many of the articles for viewing were of negative happenings. The opening one was about a detective, John Stainthorpe, who revealed that Jimmy Savile had been questioned during investigations into the murder of 13 women by Peter Sutcliffe, the so-called Yorkshire Ripper. The next reported of an owner of a Staffordshire bull terrier who beat it to death before throwing it off the 15th floor of tower block. This was followed by an article concerning the National Crime Agency’s investigation into abuse at care homes in North Wales, and so the awful catalogue continued for another 16 negative reports until there was an item suggesting there might be an end the credit squeeze. (That was really uplifting, I must say.)

For the reason that there is limited access to news via the Mail Online iPhone app, and that practically all of it is negative, I would not recommend downloading the app. It works OK, but the content is depressing. On the other hand, if one is circumspect when viewing the full site via a computer with a decent size screen, one can be informed of the latest news. The main site also features sport, blogs, property, motoring, the Mail Shop, money, travel and a special page detailing articles by columnists. If you like a particular columnist you can search for their articles. This is an online paper giving exceptional value for money, as it costs nothing to view! But take care; be selective. 


*Mail Online

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