Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Giacomo De Stefano

On 7th December, 2009 I did an article about the book ‘Jack de Crow’, by A.J. Mackinnon who sailed and rowed his Mirror dinghy from Shropshire, England to Sulina on the Black Sea. The book is an entertaining and witty account of his travels.

A contributor who added a comment to my article was Giacomo De Stefano. He drew my attention to a voyage he had done on the River Po in Italy and he said he would be rowing and sailing his Ness Yawl from London to Istanbul, more or less following the same route of Mackinnon.

I recently discovered Giocomo’s website, Man on the River, which tells of his adventure and of his difficulties over a two year period in which he fulfilled his ambition. It was a rollercoaster experience with peaks of joy, long periods of suffering due to illness, gruelling times at the oars, pleasurable encounters - some not so pleasant - freezing nights, baking hot days, strong winds and calms. All of this on a zilch budget, while depending upon the hospitality and generosity of friendly people and of a wonderful backup team who were there to support him when needed.

Stefano observes, “Everything is so fast today, including the way we travel, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Not only can one travel with little, and respect nature, but by doing so the experience is richer and more exciting.”  


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