Friday, August 01, 2014

Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – Part 10

Ellie Black triumphant

Ellie relaxed after her performance

These Games surpass themselves. What is taking place is incredible; there’s achievement after achievement.

This afternoon I saw snippets of the Ladies Beam Gymnastics in which the Canadian Ellie Black won gold, Australian Mary Anne-Monckton silver, and Georgina Hockenhull from Wales, bronze. These are the cold facts that speak nothing of the grace, skill, guts, determination, and countless hours of practice and pain that brought about their magnificent performances. What these girls did in terms of agility, balance and spatial movement was beyond what one would believe was possible. I applaud them and the other finalists for their outstanding achievements.


Ellie Black

Ellie Black

Mary Anne-Monckton

Mary Anne-Monckton

Georgina Hockenhull

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – Part 9




Dowsett nearing the finish

Dennis flat out

My viewing of the Games was restricted to the Men’s Cycling Individual Time Trial event. The Englishman Alex Dowsett very cleverly tailored his performance to suit his style by setting off at top speed, then on the climb to the mid point he conserved energy for a very fast downhill finish. The Australian, Rohan Dennis at the mid point of the 38.4 kilometre course was a good six seconds ahead, and it looked as though he would win the gold. Welshman Geraint Thomas put in an excellent performance to come third for the bronze. There were only fourteen seconds between first and third, which made for a very exciting finish. Dowsett's average speed was 48.59 kilometres an hour, which was quite phenomenal over a terrain that included rough patches of road, many twists and turns and a far from flat course.


Cycling: Men’s Individual Time Trial

Glasgo 2014: Alex Dowsett claims gold for England in men’s time trial at Commonwealth Games

Glasgow 2014: Alex Dowsett wins men’s cycling time trial gold

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – Part 8



This afternoon the Men’s Individual All-Around Gymnastics competition was highly competitive. The favourite, Englishman Max Whitlock, proved he was the best with a winning score of 90.631 which was 2.333 above Daniel Keatings score. Young Englishman Nile Wilson came third with only 0.333 of a point between him and second-placed Keatings. All three medallists deserved their rewards by putting on exceptionally fine displays.

The women’s Flyweight Boxing quarter finals took place at the same time as the gymnastics. English boxer Nicola Adams overcame E. de Silva in a four round contest. I’m not a fan of boxing, but I have to admire the guts of those who engage in the sport, but punching an opponent for fun is nonsensical to me. To see women doing it, truly amazes me.


Commonwealth Games 2014: Max Whitlock claims individual gymnastics gold for England

 Glasgo 2014: Nicola Adams eases into last eight for England

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – Part 7

I’ve had my own games today looking after a very energetic great grandson. We’ve had ball games in the garden and adventure play in the local park.

As a result of being occupied with my own games management, I only had time to watch a half-an-hour of TV featuring women’s gymnastics. In that short viewing I saw incredible action from the Scottish and English teams. These young women were unbelievably fit, agile, graceful and very brave. To achieve routines on the beam and floor involving flips, somersaults, and tumbles takes a lot grit and abundant energy.

I’ve subsequently learned that both the English male and female gymnastic teams have won gold medals. (See link below.)


Glasgow 2014: England win double gymnastics team gold

Monday, July 28, 2014

Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – Part 6



Another great day for the Games – the weather played ball, as did those engaged in ball sports. The Australian Women’s Hockey team overwhelmed England 3 -0, but if England can beat Scotland on Wednesday, they will be in the semi-finals.

Alex Marshall and Paul Foster, representing Scotland in the Men’s Pairs Lawn Bowls event overpowered the Malaysians with a score of 30 -3. The Scots won gold medals in the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006.

Nicol David for Malaysia and Laura Massaro for England, battled for gold in the Women’s Squash Singles finals. Second seed Massaro, lost to the favourite, first seed David: 12 – 10, 11 – 2, 11 – 5.

Many other sports were played.

One thing that struck me was the perseverance of older competitors; those who had participated in previous Commonwealth Games.

Yesterday, Erraid Davies, a 13-year-old swimmer from Shetland, won a bronze medal for the para 100 metres breaststroke. She’s the youngest medal winner in the history of the Commonwealth Games.

As a TV spectator, I’m enjoying the spectacle, which is free of charge, with in-depth commentaries, close-ups of the action, and slow motion shots of important happenings.


England’s winning streak put to an end by Australia (Women’s Hockey)

Glasgow 2014: Scotland secure gold in men’s pairs lawn bowls

Squash at the 2014 Commonwealth Games – Women’s Singles

Erraid Davies becomes youngest ever Commonwealth Games medal winner

Commonwealth Games

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – Part 5

Michael Shelley

Flomena Daniel

Rugby Sevens

Rugby Sevens action

Scotland beat England

Results - first round, first heat

Rachel Parish - shooting

This is the fourth day of the Games, and what a day it has been so far. The men’s marathon was won by the Australian Michael Shelley, in a time of two hours, eleven minutes and fifteen seconds, and the women’s marathon was won by Kenyan Flomena Daniel in two hours, twenty six minutes and forty five seconds.

Loads of other competitions took place, including the quarterfinals of the Rugby Sevens, the shooting finals of the men’s and women’s Double Trap, the men’s One Hundred Metres Round One races, and the men’s doubles Bowls final won by Scotland against England.

I’ve not been glued to the telly all day; in fact no more than couple of hours, but what I have seen via the box, is men and women in their physical prime, achieving their very best. Many will go away disappointed because they were not medal winners, but the majority will feel they have achieved something way above the humdrum.


Shelley Claims Marathon Gold

Shelley and Daniel win marathon gold

Commonwealth Games: Shelley wins gold in marathon

Commonwealth Games: Scotland’s bowls team in final

Michael Shelley

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – Part 4

For me, the big event of the day was the mixed relay triathlon which saw teams of men and women competing in three disciplines: swimming, riding and running. Competitors had to swim 250 metres, then ride bicycles for 6 kilometres, and finally run 1.6 kilometres. The English team of four were Vicky Holland, Jonnie Brownlee, Jodie Stimpson and Alistair Brownlee.  Jodie and Alistair had individually won gold medals on Thursday. All four athletes performed well to the effect that their combined effort and determination resulted in a win for England.

I was amazed at their incredible fitness. All their hard training paid off.


England dream team land relay gold

Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games Federation