Monday, December 21, 2015

Vertue Yachts Designed by Laurent Giles

Continuing the theme of favourite designers and their yachts I come to the very attractive Vertue, from the board of Jack Laurent Giles. (1901-1965) She obviously stirs my heart, because I’ve done two previous articles featuring Vertues, specifically, ‘Maid of Tessa’* and ‘Hussar’.** To me, Vertues have their virtues; they are very attractive yachts, not only because I love their lines, but because they have proven themselves to be exceptionally seaworthy. Vertue No 1 was built in 1936, and since then over 200 have been launched, perhaps none of them more impeccably crafted than at the Cheoy Lee yard.*** 

For an introduction to the history and the development of the class, from wooden construction to GRP, have a look at this Australian website*** by the owner of ‘Corio Vertue’.

*’Maid of Tessa’ - Vertue 34

**Hussar’ Vertue No 21

***Some History of the Vertue Class Sloop

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Alden Smith said...

One of my all time favourite yachts - a veritable little pocket ocean cruiser that punches well, well above her weight.

Nice list of internet resources that you have listed as well Bill.

Jim Schofield said...

Great list Bill.
Don't forget Wanderer lll, I think it is an elongated Vertue, at 30 feet ?