Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Shell Boats Schooner 18 and Others

Schooner 18

Schooner 18

Schooner 18

Schooner 18c

Schooner 18c

Because of a posting at Dylan’s Keep Turning Left website* my attention has been drawn to the Shell Boats range of shallow draught sailing craft. Shell Boats offer finished boats, plans and kits for the full range, from their smallest ‘Leif 7’ dinghy to their largest ‘Schooner 21’. Their larger craft from 18’ to 21’ have aft cabins and spacious cockpits, facilitating anchoring, rowing and good access to a beach.


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Jim Schofield said...

Beautiful little vessel, thanks for showing it Bill.

William Serjeant said...

Yes Jim. Perhaps good on the Shannon? - a river I've never seen, but it must be beautiful. Have you ever sailed on the Shannon?