Monday, November 30, 2015

Cornish Cormorant Sailing and Cruising Dinghy

Once again, I’m grateful to a follower of this blog for pointing me to a small sailboat website, namely that of Liz Baker’s Cormorant sailing dinghy pages.* She is a longstanding member of the Dinghy Cruising Association who has organised many or their South Coast gatherings. She has owned and cruised a Cormorant dinghy for a number of years, during which time she has learnt a great deal about getting the best out of her little boat.

You can learn a lot by reading what she has to say on the topics of cruising, launching, recovering, rigging, reefing and camping aboard her little boat.


*Cormorant Dinghy

New 12’ Cornish Cormorant

Cormorant Owners’ Forum

Cormorant 12 - Sailboatdata

Cormorant Catboat

Cormorant Dinghy
YBW Cornish Cormorant Forum

Dinghy Cruise to Shipwreck Beach (Tony Smith with a Cormorant Dinghy)

2010 Cornish Cormorant £7,950

Cornish Cormorant at Ebay - Asking £3,350
Morecambe Bay - Cormorant Cruising Dinghy

Cormorant Cruising Dinghy at Morecambe Bay

Dinghy Cruising Association

Cornish Crabber Cormorant (Sold, but good photos) 


Bursledon Blogger said...

Bill, I have one of the original Cormorants Tosh built in 1983, it's a great boat for day sailing, easy to handle, heaves to in squalls - just great for exploring the rivers and sheltered waters around here and the odd trip over to the Isle of Wight.



Unknown said...

Hello Bill, I love the look of the Cormorant, but they're very expensive, and you still get wet when it rains......I'll stick to Minnow thanks.

William Serjeant said...

Max. Thanks for the link to your excellent article about Tosh.


William Serjeant said...


You've been spoiled with your Paradox! Only joking, but what you say is true.