Saturday, November 07, 2015

Mini Transat - 6.50 Class Mini

Below you can find a number of links to websites featuring this year’s Mini Transat, which is a race across the Atlantic from east to west for solo yachtsmen and yachtswomen who want to compete with Mini 6.50 Class yachts. The race takes place every two years. This year the first leg was from Douarnenez, Finistère, to Arrecife, Lanzarote. Boats set off for the second leg from Arrecife on 31st October, and as I write, the majority of them are approximately halfway across the Atlantic, bound for Pointe a Petra, Guadeloupe.

The first four websites are informative and the others are at YouTube.


Mini Transat 650

Mini Transat

Mini Transat

Mini Transat: One more week

Miki Zambelli Day, arrivo a Lanzarote 

Top départ de la 2ème étape de la Mini Transat Îles de Guadeloupe

 Mini Transat 2015 dockside tour with Nikki Curwen Part 1

Mini Transat 2015 dockside tour with Nikki Curwen Part 2

Partenza Mini Transat LIVE 2

Mini Transat, partenza seconda tappa!


Alden Smith said...

Thanks for the links Bill - such small yachts - so fast!

William Serjeant said...

You are right Alden. They are incredibly fast for their length - tremendously exciting to sail. How these adventurers have the nerve to do it I don't know, especially hour after hour and day after day. Class Mini 6.50 Transat is a true testing ground for competitors and boats alike. It's a shame that the boats are so expensive - even cheaper outdated ones. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of sailors who find the dosh and make it to the start line. A high percentage finish both stages of the race, presumably because they have to sail their boats for at least a thousand miles single-handed before they can enter.