Friday, November 13, 2015

Mini Transat - 6.50 Class Mini - Part 2

Today, Friday, 13th November, Frédéric Denis racing his Proto Nautipark crossed the finish line at Point-à-Pitre, IIles de Guadeloupe, to win this year’s Mini Transat. He was well ahead of Axel Tréhin, sailing Aleph Racing, currently in 5th position.

Remarkably, Nautipark’s average speed was 10.52 knots over an actual logged distance of 3,230.79 nautical miles, 450 miles more than the theoretical distance.

It looks as though Michele Zambelli or Luke Berry will take second place. They are neck and neck with 16 miles to go. Nikki Curwen is in 11th place, and Lizzy Foreman in a Series boat is currently 30th out of 43 still racing in the Series race; she has 570 miles to go.


Mini Transat - 6.50 Class Mini - Part 1

Classement Proto : Arrivée de Fred Denis (800), vainqueur de la Mini Transat îles de Guadeloupe

Saint François, porte d'arrivée de la Mini Transat Îles de Guadeloupe

Frédéric Denis Wins Mini Transat

Frédéric Denis

Le Projet

Axel Tréhin

Nikki Curwen at Facebook

Michele Zambelli

Luke Berry

Nikki Curwen

Lizzy Foreman

Lizzy Racing

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Alden Smith said...

An average speed of over 10 knots is pretty amazing considering the size of the boats - I am guessing they can maintain these high speeds at night using either a wind vane or electric autopilot?