Monday, January 25, 2010

My ‘YouTube’ Playlists

Please don’t think I spend all my time looking at YouTube videos. The ones I like I save, and I place them into Playlists. If you fancy exploring any, copy the link and paste it into your Browser’s address box; then hit the enter key or click the ‘refresh’ button.

The number of videos in each Playlist is shown in brackets. I’ve tried not to duplicate them, but a few may have slipped through the net. As time passes by, videos may be added to the lists, and some may disappear. All six lists contain clips featuring small sailing boats. I am indebted to Al Law for letting me use his videos in the first group, ‘‘Faith’ a Paradox Sailboat’ – apart from the last clip which was filmed by my daughter. It shows my first attempt at using a yuloh, which was pretty abysmal. Never mind, I got over it and equipped ‘Faith’ with an outboard motor!

‘Faith’ a Paradox Sailboat (7)

Charles Stock and ‘Shoal Waters’ (14)

Hobie Island Adventure Trimaran (47)

Keep Turning Left, Dylan Winter (55)

Sailing around Britain on Kudu, Nathan Whitworth (17)

Small Multihulls (19)

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