Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dylan Winter – Keep Turning Left

If you’re looking for an exceptional visual record of the coastline, estuaries, creeks, harbours and ports of Britain, you need look no further; just take a peek here* and you’ll be hooked. Dylan Winter is one of those people who know where to find a story. He’ll take you to places you never thought existed, from factory polluted waters to salt marshes where wintering geese graze, from scenes of waterside blossoms, riverside pubs, boatyards and docks; to dark winter days when icicles frame the porthole and snow covers the deck. You’ll see barges, ships, all manner of craft, and hear of times past. You’ll meet interesting folk with yarns to tell, but most of all, if you open your ear to his soothing voice, you’ll hear great wisdom and learn of contentment from the Man of the Sea.

Dylan is a gifted commentator, and he is no amateur filmmaker; his presentations are second to none, and wow, what a clever interviewer he is too! You’ll be the loser if you don’t take this free treat.

*Playlist of Dylan’s videos at YouTube


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