Monday, March 03, 2014


There’s upheaval in Ukraine. People have died, and Russian forces have occupied parts of Crimea. Civil unrest and polarization of Ukraine’s citizens are blighting that beautiful country. My prayer is for calm and equilibrium for its people, and for there to be no more bloodshed.

In my tiny Englishman’s castle there is love and harmony between man and wife, but parts of our home are almost no-go areas on account of bedroom furniture occupying them. Where do we temporarily store two wardrobes and a large bed, plus two bedside cabinets? The solution is in another bedroom and on the landing, but how grateful we are that neither of us is fat, because we can squeeze by the obstructions.

The back bedroom is empty, apart from a chest of drawers covered by a dustsheet. Floorboards have been returned to their places after having been removed by an electrician who installed new power sockets and a TV aerial cable – all of this before the plastering of a cracked wall, and a total repaint planned to take place.

Our self-imposed upheaval is trivial, even self-indulgent by comparison with what is happening in Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan and the Central African Republic where armed conflicts bring death, destruction, loss of homes and livelihoods.

Will love and harmony ever prevail in these war torn parts of planet Earth, the jewel of the Universe that was once God’s pristine Garden of Eden?*

*Revelation 21


List of ongoing armed conflicts

The Beauty of Ukraine

The Beauty of Ukraine

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