Sunday, March 02, 2014


My wife quite often tests me, and sometimes I fail her tests – if I am truthful, I fail her tests more than I like to admit, and yet we remain faithful, love one another and have been married for a little more than 53 years.

She has asked me to test colours for the back bedroom which is being redecorated.

In her experience, and mine too, we know that an underlying colour can influence the one above; therefore, because she wants a true rendering of the colours she has chosen, she has asked me to carry out a colour test of the paints. Dutifully I have painted small areas of adjacent walls with a white base paint. When they are dry I shall over-paint them with test samples, and when they are dry, she will be able to judge if they are the colours she wants.

The test samples come in small cartons on which there are labels stating that the sample illustrates the colour, not the quality or sheen of the actual paint it represents.

Now, the fact is that we are all tested in this life, by others and by ourselves. Only by testing can the truth be established. The litmus test confirms the truth.

We can theorize and believe, but only by practice can the truth be established. The test pilot lives or he dies. The drone flies or it doesn’t.

‘Minnow’ will be tested and ‘Minnow’ will test me. Will she fail or will I fail, or will both of us pass our tests? Only time will tell. Proof of the pudding will be in the eating.


Adam and Eve failed the test*, but Jesus didn’t**.

*Genesis 3

** John 19:30



Proof of the Pudding



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