Sunday, March 23, 2014

‘Minnow’ Returns to Her Boathouse

When I was redecorating the back bedroom, the furniture was stacked on the landing and in the front bedroom. This was a necessary inconvenience. The ultimate aim was not only to redecorate the bedroom, but replace the old furniture which was looking a bit tired and outdated. To that end I advertised the solid pine wardrobes, drawers and bedside cabinets on Ebay. To my surprise several people placed bids, and the outcome was positively good. This afternoon, the buyer collected the furniture that had been transferred for temporary storage to ‘Minnow’s’ boathouse.

Since ‘Minnow’s’ boathouse has become accessible again, I have placed her there to wait for what might be an adventure. The plan is to attempt sailing to Plymouth from the River Crouch, via the South Coast, starting early April. This depends on a satisfactory outcome to a trial sail before setting off. Both the boat and I have to make the grade, and of course, the weather will play a big part in determining our success.


Steve Carey said...

Hi Bill. You did better with yr Bosun Compass than I did. I got £28 for mine and like yr's it looked like new.


PS: Ordering Plywood and timber to build an assembly jig in the coming week!

William Serjeant said...

Yes, Steve.

I thought the price was OK, considering over the past week there have been 4 others on Ebay.

A couple of years ago they were going for a lot more.

They are good compasses, but a trilfe on the large size.