Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stowing Gear on ‘Minnow’

Many items have now been stowed on ‘Minnow’ in preparation for her first sail of the season. Clothing, food and liquid refreshment have yet to be taken aboard. I have sterilized nine milk cartons that I’ll fill with drinking water and stow amidships in bilge lockers. I have lined the lockers with non-slip rubber to minimize wear on the cartons. They should not slide from one side to the other when the boat changes tack.

I am very pleased with the way items have fitted into the boat. Bedding, clothing and the bulk of the lightweight dry foods will be stowed up forward. All items for working the boat will be within easy reach in the cabin.

Wet gear, warps, fenders, Wellington boots, buoyancy jacket, washing up bowl, crockery, pots and pans, the cooker gimbal and few other small items will be in the lazarette.

The inflatable canoe fits well on the foredeck, and her paddle is lashed beside the yuloh on the starboard side deck.

There’s not a great deal more to do before ‘Minnow’ will be ready for launching. I think I’ll take her for a short run on her road trailer to see how she goes. Her mast and rig will have to be securely lashed to the port side deck, and I’ll strap her to her trailer with two strops.

Before I can set off for a sail, I have to attend to things that require attention at home. Once they have been dealt with, if I can find a good weather slot and the tides are right, all systems will be go!

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