Monday, March 24, 2014

More Jobs before Launching ‘Minnow’

Today was busy for me. First thing, my wife and I went shopping. Back at home I repaired indentations in a wall at the top of the stairs and painted the wall. After lunch I cleaned the exterior of the windows and their frames, plus two doors.

I am wondering what next my wife will want done. She knows that if I go off sailing, I could be away for a while, and I won’t be around to attend to practical matters. New bedroom furniture will be arriving on Wednesday, and the team delivering it will want an empty room for assembling wardrobes. That means moving the double bed into the front bedroom. When the furniture has been assembled, the bed will have to be returned and put together.

There’s always something that requires doing. I have to replace a bulb in the kitchen and join a garden hose to the outside tap. I can guarantee there will be more jobs requiring attention before ‘Minnow’ and I can make our escape. The car has to be serviced and have a MOT.

My wife is not opposed to me going sailing, and she has never denied me the freedom to do it. She recognizes how much I enjoy cruising boats, and the health benefits I gain by doing so. I always come back fitter than when I set off. At this point in time, I’m not a hundred percent in terms of health, but I’ll give it a go to see how I get on. There’s no dishonour in abandoning my attempt if I find I cannot cope.

All things come to an end, and I’m no exception. There’s a limit to what my feeble body can do. The time may not be far away when I shall have to cast an anchor for the last time; meanwhile, I live from day to day with thanks to my God for His wonderful grace and providence.

There’s always new hope for tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Lovely words in the last paragraph Bill, and absolutely true.
God grant you the health and strength to get the enjoyment you absolutely deserve from Minnow.

Unknown said...

That was a sad, sad post, Bill.
I can so easily imagine myself in that situation.
From my heart, I wish you good health and many years enjoying sailing Minnow.