Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Getting There

Getting there is what life is about. From the cradle to the grave there is a progression of one step at a time. Each step takes us a little further along our journey; minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day etc, until we arrive at a point where we can go no further because our journey comes to an end.

 For the Christian, the end is the beginning of an eternal journey into a spectacular new world where there is no pain - only perfect bliss in the presence and glory of God, along with His angels and glorified saints.

Meanwhile I find myself rapidly approaching the end of the first journey. Years seem like weeks and weeks, like hours. Clocks run faster and faster as the end draws near.

My steps today have been few, a trip to Homebase for more paint, and a visit to Carpet Right for a new carpet. That took most of the morning. Early afternoon saw me painting a feature wall in the back bedroom.

Five days ago I started decorating, and I am well on the way to finishing. There are three more walls to paint, skirting boards, a windowsill, plus a door and frame. I cannot complete the painting until one wall has been plastered.

When this latest episode comes to an end, I shall be able to focus on making ‘Minnow’ ready for her first sail with me at her helm. Perhaps that will prepare the way for an adventurous journey taking the form of a cruise along the South Coast of England. The objective would be to arrive at Plymouth in time to watch the start of the Jester Challenge on Sunday, 11th May. Time will be short, and if the weather is not cooperative, getting there will be a challenge. I don’t underestimate the difficulty, unless I have good weather with favourable winds.


Steve Carey said...

YES you are getting there Bill. Both with the decorating and with Minnow. If you like decorating, I have almost every room in our bungalow needs doing. We moved here just over a year ago and the place had been empty for 4 years. The previous owner had painted all the walls with Magnolia matt emulsion paint. Get's to you after a while. I did my Brother-in-Law's bedroom from top to bottom plus a new fitted carpet BUT the rest is still there to do. Although I'm not being nagged, I'm torn between building PUFFIN or decorating the entire bungalow. I've been waiting so long to build PUFFIN, so I think the decorating will have to wait for a while.


Unknown said...

I think Steve Carey and me share the same attitude to decorating, except that I can't justify my non-compliance by having a boat to build, mores the pity!

William Serjeant said...

Well, Steve,

That's a bold and decisive decision.

I'm looking forward to following your progress.


William Serjeant said...


Priorities usually come out trumps.