Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not yet ready for an Adventure

I’m pleased I’ve put the deflated and packed canoe forward of bulkhead two, rather than stowing her on ‘Minnow’s’ foredeck.

The double bladed paddle lashed to the starboard side deck was looking vulnerable; therefore I dissembled it for stowing within the boat.

‘Minnow’ is ready for an adventure, but I’m not!

When various jobs at home have been completed, and there is a suitable weather window, I’ll give it a go - first to the River Crouch for a trial sail; then, if all goes well, perhaps to the River Swale. Having sailed thus far, I would decide whether to continue towards Ramsgate and Dover.

A final decision would have to be made at Dover – continue to Plymouth along the South Coast, or return to the Crouch.

Last year I took something like 42 days to sail from the Crouch to Plymouth. Therefore I must be realistic about my chances of arriving there by 10th May to watch the start of the Jester Challenge the following day.

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