Monday, March 17, 2014

Stowing Gear on ‘Minnow’ – Part 2

Practically all my cruising gear has been stowed aboard ‘Minnow’. She’s nearly ready to go. The problem is, I’m not ready, because I have several tasks before I can part from my wife for what may be several weeks.

I’ve had second thoughts about stowing my inflatable canoe on the foredeck, because she would be exposed to the elements; furthermore, it’s far better to stow heavy objects below the waterline, or as close as possible to the waterline to act as positive ballast. I believe the best place for the canoe will be forward of bulkhead two, set to starboard. I have slight reservations about her being there, because I shall have to make sure she is dry before putting her there.

I’m not entirely happy about keeping the assembled double paddle on the side deck. Perhaps the answer will be to dissemble it and stow the components wherever they may fit.

I think I’ve solved the drinking water problem by substituting the leaking milk cartons for a 4 litre can and two 2 litre bottles. Other liquid refreshment will take the form of soft drinks. I shall stow cartons of UHT milk in the floor lockers.

Instead of putting dry foods in a large plastic container, I shall keep them in small waterproof containers in the locker under the seat. The plastic container will be good for temporarily stowing anchors until they are put in their respective jigs in the ground tackle locker.

My clothing will be in a holdall stowed forward of bulkhead two, beside the packed canoe. Both sleeping bags and my self-inflating mattress will be in the forepeak.


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