Thursday, March 06, 2014

Getting There – Part 2

Yesterday I talked of ‘Getting There’, and about life being a journey that inevitably has an ending when the final destination is reached.

Each part of our lifelong journey, for significance and meaning, requires an understanding of its outcome. Furthermore, lessons learned should be rehearsed and consolidated for lasting benefit. If we don’t learn from our mistakes and our successes, we shall not profit by them.

I’m in the process of decorating the back bedroom, and my latest effort saw me painting a feature wall with a coating of Dulux matt Strawberry Diva paint. I was dubious about the finish, because when the paint dried it became slightly translucent so as to reveal variations of tone from the base paint. As I’ve said before, without a good foundation*, one cannot expect to achieve a satisfactory finish.

However, where there’s a will there’s a way, and the painful answer was to apply a second upper coat. Reluctantly, I had to admit that I had initially failed by painting an unevenly thick coating of base paint. This was due to applying it with a brush around the perimeter and infilling it by using a roller.

I improved what was first achieved and gained satisfaction from doing what I was reluctant to do. Lessons learned were that I should take more care when establishing a foundation, and that if I want a job to be well done, I must be prepared to make the effort.



Brian said...

Al is using these on the floor of Little Jim. On sale offer at Halfords

William Serjeant said...

Thanks Brian.

I have some non-slip rubbery material that I shall place in the locker reserved for tinned foods.

I like to keep the floor of the boat clear, so that I can open lockers without having to move things around.