Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Left side of photo (I'm 7th from left at bottom)

Closer view


Once a month at our church, a number of us gather for an afternoon to engage in creative activities, listen to speakers and to socialize. The formal nomenclature on the church calendar informing members of dates and times of our meetings is, ‘Friends on Friday’. Mostly we are the older folk who have retired and have time to socialize on the last Friday of each month. The purpose of our meetings is to strengthen friendships and build one another up in the love and knowledge of Jesus.

This coming Friday, the subject will be ‘Reminiscences’, and of course, we shall have much to chat about and to share. It has been suggested that we should focus on the 1960s and 70s, but some of us will have recollections dating back considerably further. The afternoon will start with us having tea, biscuits and cakes and as we eat and drink, we’ll answer questions to a written quiz, based on the 60s and 70s. No doubt we shall see old photos and listen to songs of that era in the hope that they will trigger memories. Between us we may share nostalgic moments.

One thing I came across recently dates back to 1948. It is a school photo of over 400 pupils and their teachers. I’m sat in the front row, seventh from the left.

I was fascinated to note that out of the 42 children in the front row, only two wore wristwatches, and I was one of them. Five had pens in their jacket pockets, and I was one of them. Almost half of these thirteen to fourteen year olds were dressed in short trousers – I wore long ones. Every pupil was dressed in jackets and all wore school ties.

The Huish’s Grammar School motto, ‘Spe Certa Quid Melius’ (What better than sure hope), printed on the photo’s margin, was not fully appreciated by me. How could hope be sure? Now I know there is no surer hope than that of a Christian who puts his trust in his Lord.


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