Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back to ‘Minnow’


Now that the house decorating has come to an end I can focus my attention upon ‘Minnow’.

Today, I came up with a possible solution for keeping the sheet clear of the engine. Finding the optimum angles for the sheet was not difficult. I have yet to add a block to the transom where the sheet passes through a copper tube into the lazarette. The block will provide a smooth transition for the sheet from the vertical to the horizontal. Instead of binding against the end of the copper tube, the sheet will run freely through it. From there it will conveniently pass over the steering line to a jam cleat near the crew’s right shoulder when he is seated in the steering position.

The preventer which stops the sheet from snagging on the engine consists of three bungees joined to a single hook that clips onto the engine’s cowling. The engine always remains upright, either raised or lowered. When the boat is being sailed, the prop should just be clear of the water.

If the system works, I shall most probably remove the ropes above the stern deck and replace them with an eye bolt for retaining the downhaul block.

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