Friday, March 14, 2014

Preparing ‘Minnow’ for the Big Launch


I’ve been looking at minute things requiring attention. As today was warm, I took the opportunity to epoxy a few places with the aim of ensuring that water cannot pass through the fibreglass sheathing into the plywood that constitutes the main structure of the boat. There was a minute opening between the hull and the end of a pipe that passes through the bow. I have sealed it with epoxy resin. Had I not done so, water could have entered boat.  The pipe was put there by ‘Minnow’s’ builder – presumably for attaching a bow fender. The structure is not robust enough to withstand compression loading from a towrope or from the trailer winch strop.

I applied yet another coating of epoxy to the join between the vent box drain pipe and the bottom of the boat. If there had been a leak there, I feel sure I’ve eradicated it. The old epoxy near the rudder tip and the upper edge of the rudder was a bit thin; therefore I gave both areas a fresh coating. I also applied epoxy to a small area of the rudder step where the woven roving had come away from the plywood.

Over the next few days I want to stow my cruising gear, food and water. When that is done, ‘Minnow’ will be ready for the big launch.


Steve Carey said...

Wow . . . . . . . when is launch day?

My final model is finished. Just need to find a local lake where the bureaucrats have not made it that you MUST join "THE" local Model Boating Club to use the water and to take out £2M third party insurance. YES, for model Boats. I want talk about the RCD and big little boats!


Steve Carey said...

Last line should be: I won't talk about......