Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thank You

Thank you to my followers!

My Blog pseudonym is ‘Mind Drifter’, and those 50 or so regular visitors to these pages know that’s a fair description of what’s on offer. Whatever ‘pops up’ in my mind is what you get! More often than not, a theme for the day is shaped by what I see, hear, do, or experience. Thoughts about what affects me most, either in my mind or in my body, are crystallized, summarized and expressed here for my readers to digest. By using this medium of the Blog I rid myself of trappings that may clog me up and stop me going forward with anticipation and excitement for new experiences, understandings and challenges. By articulating my thoughts, concerns, hopes, fears, longings and beliefs, I feel that I may find sympathetic listeners, even lurkers who may take onboard and perhaps develop my themes. With humility I apologise if some of you believe I’m opinionated and that I do not research my subjects sufficiently before coming to conclusions. I am always open to opposing or differing views backed up with rational, objective explanations, and in certain instances I am happy to go along with subjective viewpoints, because all things are not always measurable, and emotions count.

Expressing my views by means of a Blog is sufficient for me, with or without a readership, but having regular followers enjoying the menu makes it that much more satisfying and worthwhile If there are listeners out there in Cyberspace, then I am not just shouting or whispering to a void or an uncomprehending galaxy of stars, planets and gases. Intelligent friends or aliens make all the difference. So whether you are a friend, an alien or an enemy, thank you for coming back time and again. I love you. (Matthew 5:44)

P.S. Why not chip in with your thoughts too by making an occasional comment?

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