Sunday, August 31, 2014

Open to Offers for ‘Minnow’, My Paradox Sailboat – Part 2

'Minnow' yesterday ready for inspection

One interested person

This is to clarify what is being offered, for I am offering to part with my Paradox!! Yes, I expect in return from whoever has her, a fair payment. If I receive anything for my labour for improving ‘Minnow’, that will be an earned bonus, but I shall be satisfied if I recover my expenditure on acquiring her and the cost of materials and equipment lavished on her - things like quality marine paint, ball bearing blocks, 12 volt battery, stainless steel outboard bracket, a Gaz cooker, assorted chandlery, warps, anchor, yuloh pin, pennant etc. Then there’s the cost of a brand new bespoke trailer that has only been used twice. In addition to all of this, I am offering goodies such as 2 GPSs, an Autohelm 800, and my Honda 4 stoke outboard motor, even charts and tinned food. The sail was professionally repaired by Jeckells, and it looks almost new.

‘Minnow’ is a very special boat on account of the merits of her design, not least her boom furling lugsail, chine runners and almost unique accommodation providing security and complete, instantaneous cover for her helmsman who can control her from within the cabin. There is no need for deck work. Anchoring and sail management is all done from the security of the cabin. She has a yuloh for manoeuvring her in confined waters. She is ready to go! Nothing to do; just add personal possessions, launch her and be off.

In my opinion, she’s a single-hander, suitable for someone who wants to explore creeks, estuaries and do a spot of coastal sailing. An experienced sailor could take her further afield, but that would be real adventure sailing. She’s a boat quite different to any other, and to get the best out of her, you have to learn by experience. She will look after you, because she’s very forgiving. You can make the stupidest mistakes and survive, because she will not capsize and her gear is strong. Obviously, if you do crass things like getting caught in a gale off Portland Bill, you’ll be taking her to her limit, but even then you may get away with it.

If you want to learn more, please contact me by phone at: 07588288060 or by email to barnacleid at yahoo dot co dot uk. A chap phoned me from Germany, but I would have no dealings with him, because I believed his intentions were dishonourable. He was phishing, and I wasn’t taken in. I’m only interested in dealing with bona fide enquirers from the UK.*

* Please note that I was entirely wrong about my assumption that the caller from Germany was phishing. I have apologised to him.


Open to Offers for ‘Minnow’, My Paradox Sailboat


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, thankyou for your hospitality and patience yesterday, showing me round 'Minnow'.
I was and still am very impressed, not only by the Paradox concept, which is awesome, but by 'Minnow' herself and the love and care that you have clearly put into her. She most categorically IS on my wish-list.

William Serjeant said...


It was a pleasure meeting you. I'm pleased you like 'Minnow'. I note that she is on your wish-list. To make that wish come true I shall require a 10% deposit and a guarantee to pay the balance within a fortnight.