Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – My ad hoc Photos

For the past twelve days I’ve watched snippets of certain BBC TV productions of events that took place during the Commonwealth Games at Glasgow. Coverage of the competitions has been excellent, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being entertained and informed by what I’ve seen. The most interesting event for me was the Men’s Cycle Road Race on the last day of the Games. This was wonderfully filmed by cameramen on motorcycles. Rain and strong winds made their demanding task more difficult.

For my own record of the Games and for use on my blog, I took photographs of highlights, incidents and dramatic moments as I saw them on my TV screen. I never froze the screen when taking photos; therefore several of the images were blurred, streaked or speckled, and none were sharply focussed because of the action.

A few of these imperfect snapshots appeal to me because of their unexpected and unplanned for aesthetic qualities. Others interest me because they capture real life scenes ‘frozen’ in time which enable me to appreciate characteristics I would never appreciate by any other means. Sequential, continuously moving images do not allow one to study detail; instead they portray motion, dynamic action and spatial dimension.

I hope you will enjoy the photos. There are more to come.

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