Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An Autohelm for a Paradox Sailboat

On port side ('Faith')

Fixture for linking cords ('Faith')

Support brackets ('Minnow')

Steering Line Attachment ('Minnow')

Components ('Minnow')

I was recently asked about the usefulness of my Autohelm 800 that I installed on both of my Paradoxes.

Because a Paradox has excellent directional stability when underway there is little need for an electronic steering device, but I found the Autohelm useful for leaving me free to top up the outboard, to update the log, to plot a position on the chart, to have time for brewing a cuppa, or simply to take a rest from steering. I also found it helpful when picking up a mooring, or coming alongside a pontoon or another vessel.

The photos show the installation of my Autohelm on both ‘Faith’ and ‘Minnow’. ‘Faith’s’ was on the port side, and ‘Minnow’s’ on the starboard.


Solution for ‘Minnow’s’ Autohelm

Better Progress with ‘Minnow’


Unknown said...

Hello Bill,I'd so love to see you using it again 'in-anger' so to speak, but when you're ready of course.
Off subject, I just noticed that 'Sandpiper' in her new guise made £1295, so £600 pounds extra in a couple of weeks? I know shes now sporting an electric outboard and bunk cushions but I feel he made a little bit on her.
Also, I see that the bidding for the Deben Cherub is now over a £1000, but the reserve is still to be met. I've a feeling she'll be re-listed.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Hi Bill - was out for a cruise yesterday and saw a Paradox at the top of the Emsworth Channel - made me think of you!


William Serjeant said...


You saw Al Law with 'Little Jim'.

I expect the Dinghy Cruising Association has a meeting at Cobnor. Al is a keen DCA member.

Thanks for the photo.


William Serjeant said...


Whoever bought and sold 'Sandpiper' certainly made a lot of money in a short time - enough to invest in a larger boat.

Whoever bought her probably paid the right price. However, as I've said before, the sails are threadbare.

The Deben Cherub is worth more than a £1,000.

I may get around to another sail with 'Minnow'.