Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sail Insignias for Identifying Classes of Yachts and Dinghies

One way of identifying the class or make of a sailing yacht or dinghy is to observe the sail insignia which may give glues as to which type she is. I was recently asked by Tony Lawlor if I could identify the make of his trailer sailer. At first I struggled, and I couldn’t find an identical yacht featured on the Internet. I started my research by looking at similar vessels, with a view to discovering who had designed them, in the hope they may also have designed Tony’s yacht.

That proved unfruitful. Then I came up with the brilliant idea of looking up sail insignias. His had a crown over the letters ‘SK’, but again, I drew a blank. I remembered seeing a photo on the Internet of a similar vessel, and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew what she was. Annoyingly I could not recall it, and I had to admit I did not know what class of boat she was. Only an hour of so later I casually looked at boats for auction on Ebay, and there was a similar boat listed as a ‘Seasafe’. A little bit of Googling revealed that her full trade name was ‘Seasafe Dandy’, and her builders were Seasafe Boats.

I felt my quest had finally been achieved, but a closer inspection revealed she was not identical to Tony’s. One thing this search has revealed is that there are a vast number of different sailing vessels, most of which can be identified by their sail insignias.

Tony will be sending me more photos of his boat and of the sail insignia, which I shall publish here in due course. I have a feeling that the sail may have come from another boat. However, feelings cannot be relied upon. I thought the letters ‘SK’ could have stood for Sea King, but in fact Sea Kings were built not far from where I live, and they have their own distinctive sail insignia.

If you can put a name to the class of yacht shown in the photo, both Tony and I shall be grateful.


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Paul Mullings said...

A strange looking craft indeed, I can't imagine it would perform too well other than as a motor sailor?

William Serjeant said...


On a different topic: thanks for your input to Gavin at 'In the Boatshed' pointing to a YouTube video showing Smack Racing at West Mersea this year - a super clip that captures the action.

Here is the actual YouTube link: