Saturday, August 09, 2014

Caprice 19 - A Robert Tucker Pocket Cruiser

I recently came across this Robert Tucker Caprice 19 at Walton-on-the Naze. She looks like a Mark V version.

Searching online for information about Caprice 19s, I arrived at the conclusion that there aren’t many for sale - not that I want one today, although in the past I was interested, and I looked at a Mark 1 with a veiw to becoming her owner. It transpired that she was not entirely sound and I didn't feel like doing the work required to put her right.

There are different versions of the yacht, but the Caprice ‘Shrimpy’, made famous by Shane Acton who sailed her around the world, was a Mark 1. (See first link below for more information.)


Caprice – A Robert Tucker bilge keel yacht

Shane Acton

Shrimpy Sails Again by Shane Acton (His second book)

Caprice Yachts for Sale at Apollo Duck

Caprice Yacht - Sold - £1,495

Caprice Sold, but good photos

Robert Tucker Caprice 19 – Sold, but good photos

Caprice 19 - Sold, but good photos

Caprice 19 – sold, but good photos


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, it's nice to see your appreciation and appraisal of these boats. I'll never grow tired of reading about them.
Yesterday, while having a trawl through e-bay, I found that 'Sandpiper' is yet again up for sale, listed in 'other watercraft', the number is 4624d98866.

Bursledon Blogger said...

My first yacht was a Caprice mk v - grp called step Two - wonder if she's still around.

William Serjeant said...

Thanks Richard,

I've had a look, but couldn't find her.


William Serjeant said...

Yes, Max,

I too wonder what has happened to boats I've owned. Sometimes there's a happy story, as was the case with my Hunter Europa 'Zeta'. I thought she was on the scrap heap when I saw her full of water and neglected at a boatyard on Canvey Island. Not so long ago, a reader of this blog commented that he had restored her and that she was on the River Deben.


Grandad said...

My first boat was also a Caprice Mk V. 'Little Nell.' She was a very good companion and took me all along the South Coast From Newhaven to Emsworth solo. I sold her to a guy who berthed her in Portland while he repaired his other boat. I wonder where Nellie is now.
Ron Munro

Grandad said...

Anyone know where my old Caprice Mk V, Little Nell is now please? Last heard of in Portland. Cheers. and thanks for any leads.

Unknown said...

My Dad and I sailed one of these out of Newhaven (UK).
Rather than a "Barn find" it was a "Pub car park find"..
It was a Brilliant boat (for calmer waters - not the North Sea where I now sail out of Lowestoft)
Fond memories (except of Cuckmere haven when the main tore right along the boom and we got home with only a storm

Thanks for the reminder.....

Unknown said...

I reckon I'm the sole owner of a Caprice in Norway - pocket cruisers have never been the thing here. As far as I can verify from pics on the net is it a MK V with bilge keel and masthead rig. I bought the boat in 1993 from a friend of mine who had sailed her from Vanern lake in Sweden (Europe's largest lake) and up the coast to Oslo. I got it reasonably cheap as the bow shroud plate had pulled off with a gaping hole, and the whole boat was riddled with osmosis and bad gelcoat surface. I refitted the exterior and had some lovely sails along our beautiful southern coast until it put her on the hard due to studies abroad. During the storage the boat unfortunately fell over in a winter storm (the yard was pure amateurs and hadn't compacted the ground properly) and Andromeda got a new set of gaping holes on her starboard side. Now she sits in my back yard awaiting her 2nd refit, this time a full one.

William Serjeant said...

Hi, Thank you for your comment. It's great that you are persevering with Andromeda. It's surprising what can be done for very little outlay, but with sweat, blood and tears. More adventures ahead by the looks of it for you. Take care, enjoy, have fun. Cheers, Bill.