Monday, September 01, 2014

Open to Offers for ‘Minnow’, My Paradox Sailboat - Part 3

Continuing the theme of yesterday, I want to clarify what is being offered with the boat.

Basically, there are three options:

She’s available with all her gear and her road trailer, or all her gear without her road trailer, or the basic boat without some of her gear.

If the latter and cheapest option is taken, there will be no Autohelm, no GPS, no outboard and only one anchor.

The ship’s compass, solar panel, battery and outboard bracket will be included with all three options.

People have been asking how much I will accept, but as I am looking to offers I am only prepared to reveal what I will accept after being made a suitable offer, at least equivalent to the cheapest option.  A buyer must decide how much ‘Minnow’ is worth, and make an offer accordingly. If the offer satisfies the minimum price for a particular option, I will accept it right away. The only way to discover how much I am prepared to accept is to make an offer in good faith, and back it up with a 10% deposit. You would be advised to see the boat first and discuss what will be included in the sale.

To help prospective buyers assess how much she is worth, I have placed links below to articles I have written about ‘Minnow’s’ gear and road trailer. The trailer has an integral lighting board, but you will need your own number plate.

If anyone chooses the cheapest option, i.e., without her trailer and certain gear, I am prepared to take ‘Minnow’ to Burnham Yacht Harbour to launch her there for the cost of the slipway fee. Alternatively, I could launch her free of charge at Hullbridge on the River Crouch. I may be prepared to tow her to a UK location further afield for a fee to be agreed.

Ideally, the buyer will tow ‘Minnow’ away from my premises using his own vehicle, which in my opinion should have an engine capacity of at least 1,600 litres, similar to my Ford Mondeo which is adequate for all but the steepest, slippery slipways.

Telephone 07588288060 or email barnacleid at yahoo dot co dot uk 


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