Saturday, September 06, 2014

Paradox Sailboat Videos

For anyone interested in buying my Paradox ‘Minnow’, I have assembled a number of links to YouTube videos of Paradox sailboats.

If you have any doubt about the abilities of Matt Layden’s Paradox, then look at these videos. You’ll see Sean Mulligan’s ‘Scout’ sailing in 25+ knots wind, and you’ll see how difficult it was to capsize Paradox ‘Odyssey’. Also see Al Law’s video ‘Careen LJ’ for an insight into how stable his ‘Little Jim’ is.

Paradox “Scout” Shakedown Sail in 20+ Knots wind

Sailing Paradox “Scout”-What’s it like?

Paradox Scout – unedited…trailer to sailor in under 10 min

Sailing the Paradox “Scout” – Shakedown 4

Paradox Scout Brisk Winds on Thompson Bay

Scout Northbound 1080

Paradox Sailing on Lake Havasu Part 1

Paradox Sailing on Lake Havasu Part 2

Sean Mulligan sailing his Paradox in 25+ knots winds

Paradox sailing on Lake Havasu Part 3

Sean Mulligan sailing his Paradox – jan 12 2014

2014 TX 200 Paradox Scout

Paradox Scout – A Taste of the Texas’…just some quick look at a few parts…

Texas 200 –Paradox “Scout” towing Rick Landreville’s Crippled Duck in 20-25knots – 20

Texas 200 ’14 Day 4 on Scout

Paradox Scout – Playin Around – New Camera 15 knots

Paradox upwind in light air – oversheeted..-Ugh11 Need to watch those telltales more!

Sean Mulligan tacking upwind in his Paradox “Scout”

Sean Mulligan rockin’ his Paradox – Thompson Bay


Paradox Microcruiser “Little Jim” Sailing

Paradox “Little Jim” 1

Paradox “Little Jim” 2

Paradox sailing at the Beale Park Thames Boat Show

Careen LJ


Paradox Sailing

Upwind in a Paradox

Poole Harbour Cruise

Poole 2013

Paradox – Poole


Mike’s Paradox 2012 TX200

Mike Beebe’s Paradox









Bayport 1-8-13, Tom Steinmetz, Paradox (Bermudan Rig!!)

‘Minnow’ for Sale

Open to Offers for ‘Minnow’, My Paradox Sailboat

Open to Offers for ‘Minnow’, My Paradox Sailboat – Part 2

Open to Offers for ‘Minnow’, My Paradox Sailboat – Part 3

‘Minnow’ Advertised for Sale on Ebay

‘Minnow’ Advertised for Sale on Ebay - Inventory

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Now THAT is a BOATload of Paradox vidoes all listed in one place.

Someone is going to get a great boat from Bill. :-)