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UK Matt Layden Paradoxes

'Faith', 'Johanna' and 'Little Jim' at Poole Harbour
'Little Jim' and 'Faith' at the Scillies

To the best of my knowledge, there are four Matt Layden Paradoxes in the UK. They are in age order from the oldest to the newest: ‘Little Jim’, ‘Minnow’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Johanna’.

‘Little Jim’

'Little Jim' at the Beale Boat Show
'Little Jim' at Poole Harbour
Had it not been for Al’s Paradox, I doubt I would have built ‘Faith’. Twice, Al made me welcome at his home to see his boat. Each time I was impressed with her attributes, particularly her ergonomics; that’s to say, the way in which everything comes to hand for working and a living aboard. She was a user-friendly package, including her one-off trailer designed by Al. This was the sort of minimal sailing cruiser for which I was looking; a boat cheap to maintain, a trailer sailer for solo cruising. I could keep her in my garage when not in use. Al gave me a trial sail at Plymouth and I became fully convinced she was the boat for me.  ‘Faith’ was conceived, and the rest is history.

Al’s very useful website for new builders of Paradoxes:


'Minnow' at Home
'Minnow' at Burnham-on-Crouch
This Paradox, which I own, was the second to be built in the UK.  She was built by Derek Clark. Once again, Al played a part by assisting Derek when he first sailed ‘Minnow’ at Poole Harbour. For health reasons Derek had to give up sailing. The boat was taken to Norway where she remained for several years until I acquired her.  Incidentally, when she was sold by Derek, I bought her road trailer for ‘Faith’. ‘Minnow’ is currently for sale as at 27th October, 2014.*

'Faith' at St Just, Falmouth Harbour
'Faith' at Worthing

The only way of obtaining a Paradox was to build her yourself; therefore I got hold of the plans and spent one-and-a-half years building her. I had enormous fun bringing her into the world, and she rewarded me by sharing the first few years of her life. We sailed whenever we could. We explored local rives, including the Blackwater where she had a drying mooring at the Marconi Sailing Club. We had many adventures, including an unforgettable and wonderful cruise along the South Coast of England from Burnham-on-Crouch to the Scillies and back to Plymouth. Al joined me at Plymouth with ‘Little Jim’, and we sailed to the Scillies and back.

‘Faith’ is now owned by Jim (not ‘Little Jim’) who makes good use of her. She’s recently had a repaint.

'Johanna' at Poole Harbour

This splendid Paradox, beautifully built by Pete and owned by him, is based on the South Coast. Pete helped me decide what trailer to obtain for ‘Minnow’. He said he was satisfied with the one he had from De Graaff Trailers, but if doing it again he would change the rollers to flat ones. Pete has an excellent website where there’s loads of information about ‘Johanna’ and other Paradoxes – this is highly recommended.  He also has a Flickr Page with excellent photos.

Other UK Paradoxes

There may be more Paradoxes in the UK. If so, perhaps their owners or anyone who knows could drop me a line in the Comments Section.


I can be contacted by phone at 07588288060 or by email at barnacleid at yahoo dot co dot uk.

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