Thursday, August 21, 2014

Leigh Cockle Bawley ‘Endeavour’

Here I have photos of ‘Endeavour’, the last remaining wooden Leigh-on-Sea cockle bawley. She is maintained by the Endeavour Trust, a charity set up in 2001 for preserving her. She was built in 1926 by Cole and Wiggins, at Leigh-on-Sea. A programme of activities ensures that she leaves her mud berth for participating in events such as viewing the Thames Barge Match this coming Sunday, 24th August, and sailing to St Katherine’s Dock for a Classic Boat Rally on Friday, 12th September.

‘Endeavour’ took part in the evacuation of British and French troops from the beaches of Dunkirk during World War 11 in June, 1940. Another Leigh Bawley, ‘The Renown’, never made it home because she hit a mine resulting in the loss of her crew of four.

One can become a member of the Endeavour Trust by submitting an application form to the Trust with the appropriate fee for the type of membership required. Here’s a link to a copy of the form:

This is not the first time I’ve posted photos of ‘Endeavour’ to my blog. You can see the others by visiting the link below marked*.


Endeavour Trust

Cole and Wiggins

Association of Dunkirk Little Ships

*Leigh-on-Sea Bank Holiday Amble

Leigh-on-Sea Bank Holiday Amble – Part 2

Leigh-on-Sea Bank Holiday Amble – Part 3


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, straight away I thought to myself 'I was looking at her sister today'. I was at Woodbridge, a very favorite location for yours truly to wander around, ogling boats. I wish now that I'd photographed her. This one has been converted into a yacht, but very tastefully, and sports a boomless, sprit-rig, with a retractable bowsprit not unlike a baby telegraph pole! She appears very much in comission with the mains-sail bent on, and the others lying ready by the mast in bags. I've clean forgotten her name, but she still carries her fishing registry which I think was LO20? She's lying in the basin behind Whisstocks now defunct yard, near the tide-mill. I've also been looking at boats for sale in Andy Seedhous's yard, narrowing the choice down to a very nicely presented and well equipped Ballerina, and a SeaWych, which although having seen better days, is a very tempting price!

William Serjeant said...

Hi Richard,

I had a look at Andy's website and saw the Ballerina and the Seawych. I thought the Ballerina looked good at just under £1,500. She will have a better performance all round, and be more comfortable for living on. The state of her sails is important. New ones are not cheap.