Friday, August 26, 2011

‘Faith’s’ Cruise Photos 2008, Part 2

As promised by me yesterday, here are more photos taken during my South Coast cruise to the Scilly Isles.

A highlight of the cruise was watching the start of the Artemis Transat Race for solo sailors. Dee Caffari raced ‘Aviva’. The photo shows her sailing her IMOCA 60 with another person who, presumably was taken off the yacht before the start of the race. Being there among the competitors and hundreds of spectator boats was truly exciting. (Read my log for 11th May – Link below.)

‘Kaskalot’ was one of the spectator vessels. This 153 ft oak on oak replica three-masted barque was built by J. Ring Anderson, Svendorg, Denmark in 1948. She happens to be for sale with an asking price of 995,000 euros.

Here we have ‘Faith’ and ‘Little Jim’ at Porthloo Beach, St. Mary’s, Scilly Isles. Sailing in company was great fun. Both boats performed similarly, and seldom was one faster than the other. If one got ahead an appreciable distance, her skipper would spill wind until the other boat drew near. On passage we kept in touch via VHF.

This was a typical evening meal aboard ‘Faith’. You’ll see a fried egg, fried bacon, boiled potatoes and French beans. Yoghurt was my favourite sweet. I didn’t put weight on, nor did I lose it.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.


‘Faith’s’ Log for 11th May, the day of the start of the Artemis Transat at Plymouth

Dee Caffari – Completes Artemis Transat with ‘Aviva’

‘Aviva’ – Dee Caffari

Dee Caffari

‘Kaskalot’ for Sale


Porthloo, St. Mary’s



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