Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sven Yrvind Sails Again

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In October, 2009 I did a full-length feature about the amazing Sven Yrvind who has clocked up many miles of ocean sailing, including thousands sailing solo. The elderly Swede is passionate about small sailboats, and he has been ingeniously creative with designing and building them. (See the link below ‘Yrvinden 4.1’ which outlines his theories as to why he believes small boats are safer than large ones.)

Sven set sail from Kinsale, Southern Ireland on Thursday, 11th August aboard his unique Matt Layden inspired micro-yacht, bound for Porto Santo, Madeira. His website,, has a chart which shows his position via a ‘Spot’ GPS tracker. By clicking the ‘Present Project’ button at his website you can familiarize yourself with what he is attempting to do. In brief, after building and testing his boat for only 10 hours, he is bound for Florida, via Madeira and the West Indies. When he reaches Florida he hopes to meet Matt Layden and share information about the performance of his latest boat.

He also wants to consult Matt on plans for a new boat that will be a metre longer than ‘’. At 5.8 metres LOA she will be more able to cope with the massive waves associated with Cape Horn when conditions are not at their best.

I hope all goes well for this adventurous sailor, and I shall regularly visit his Spot tracking page to monitor his progress. Meanwhile, it would appear that we shall have to wait for the next update to his online log. Maybe, if he calls into Porto Santo he will update us from there.


Yrvindaren 4.1

Yrvind in Stockholm Archipelago - YouTube Video

Spot Satellite GPS Messenger


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