Saturday, August 06, 2011

‘Talitha’ Snoozing

'Talitha' and 'Katie' meet on the Deben

Hi, Good People,

Thank you for visiting Bill’s Log. I appreciate your wonderful support and keen interest in my boating activities and other things that occupy my time.

For the coming few days until Friday, 12th August, I shall be away, not boating, but with my family on holiday together.

Meanwhile, ‘Talitha’ will also be taking a break. She will be snoozing in her boathouse until awoken by her owner who will want to dance with her again on sparkling waters. No plans have been made as to where the two us shall go and for how long, or even where; so much will depend upon extraneous factors, the weather most probably playing a major part.

So, until we meet again, fair winds,

Yours Bill, otherwise known as ‘Mind Drifter’.

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