Friday, August 19, 2011

The Green Carpet Challenge

Green Carpet

The Italian film producer Livia Firth has her Green Carpet Challenge, and I have been occupied with mine, but I was in fact not on my own, because most of the challenge was taken on by my Italian son-in-law. He demolished the old concrete garden path and prepared the ground for a carpet of green turf. All I had to do was to roll the turf in place and bed it down before generously watering the almost perfect grass.

Challenger hard at work demolishing the path and preparing it for the green carpet


The end result was an eco-friendly, green carpet of grass that absorbs sunlight, unlike the concrete path that reflected it. Worms and all manner of insects will benefit from the grass, and in turn, birds will take their fill of insects; afterwards they will leave their droppings for replenishing the soil and providing nourishment for the grass.

Livia Firth champions the cause of recycling and ethical sustainable living. Her new website ‘Brightwide’ centres on political and social issues as portrayed in films. She wants her audience to become active in issues arising from them, so that they can make a difference by engaging in the political sphere outside of Parliament. Brightwide has links to Oxfam, WWF, and Amnesty International.


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