Monday, August 15, 2011

Job to be done

Rear garden

I would like to be out sailing, but there are jobs that need doing. Priorities require action.

My son-in-law ripped out the old garden path that contravened my wife’s health and safety act! Consequently she decreed that the path must be replaced with turf. It was originally put in to provide access to a long clothes line. Then, in the early 70s, rotary clothes lines were few and far between. In fact, I can’t remember seeing them at all, but I do recollect washing was hung out to dry in most gardens on the first working day of the week.

Both my wife and I were brought up in the days when every good housewife hung out her washing at dawn on a Monday morning, and fish was always eaten on a Friday. Society was far more cohesive with almost unbreakable rigid structures determining social behaviour – there was church on Sunday, of course, and there was a respect for persons in authority, unlike now, as witnessed by recent riots and looting in UK cities, particularly London.

Camel trailer

Close-up of scalloped edging pieces

Today, I borrowed a small trailer from another son-in-law for transporting lawn edging from a garden centre. Each scalloped edging piece will be set in sharp sand to form a continuous miniature ‘wall’ that will separate the lawn from a border of small stone aggregate. I shall have to obtain about three square yards of top soil for replacing the bulk of the old concrete path, and for providing a good base for the turf.

Edging pieces await being set into sharp sand on the opposites side of the cutting

None of these things are cheap, but the job has to be done. Peace shall reign and the garden will be a safe place, just like Eden until the Serpent appeared.


Paradise Found

Eden Project


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