Thursday, August 04, 2011


Express Pirate; South Woodham Ferres Yacht Club on the other side of the River Crouch

Do you experience moments when very little makes sense? You have spare time and yet you accomplish nothing of note; time fritters away; you doodle and dose. You are left wondering what you did. You feel frustrated because apparently nothing was achieved. I would suggest that we all need rest and recuperation, and such seemingly useless experiences are essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. Well, at least, that’s a positive response when reflecting upon frustrations resulting from these experiences.

Yesterday I took my wife by car to my daughter’s place to feed her cats and to tidy her lawn with our strimmer. On arriving at her place, we discovered we had not brought a key for the front door! There was nothing for it, but to return home and come up with plan ‘B’. I won’t enter into details, but a plan was devised and executed without me being involved. I was free for cutting our lawns, doing my Blog, and later, having a walk beside the River Crouch at South Fambridge.

Although grubby, this dinghy could be much loved by her owner

A combined harvester was kicking up clouds of dust that drifted over the sea wall. I was therefore prevented from walking the whole length of the path, as far as a small creek that feeds the saltings opposite Longpole bank on the North Fambridge side of the Crouch. As usual, I was on the lookout for interesting sailing boats. There was nothing of note, but I noticed a well-kept Express Pirate 19, twin keel cruiser, and nearby there was a grubby dinghy, at anchor. The latter was perilously close to large rocks that become exposed at low water. There was a notable contrast between the tiny yacht and the dinghy, because one sparkled and other was grubby.

The thought went through my mind that each owner had his priorities. One took pleasure in maintaining and caring for his boat, while the other did not, but both possibly, equally enjoyed sailing their boats. Who was I to make judgements? Some boats hardly ever leave their moorings, or depart from a marina, and yet their owners derive pleasure from them. A yacht can be a second home, or the equivalent of a country cottage, a getaway, a hideaway, a place for chilling out. A luxury yacht can be a fine, water-based mansion for entertaining friends or family, or even serve as a prestigious headquarters of a successful business enterprise.

Therefore, let me not be judgemental, because not every boat lover owns or wants a sailing canoe. I am content with mine, and I know how fortunate I am.


Express Pirate

South Woodham Ferres Yacht Club

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