Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keep Turning Left – Dylan Winter

A Mirror Offshore 19 similar to Dylan's 'Super Slug' (Source of photo: http://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/view/PAA18157)

In January of this year I posted a eulogy* in praise of Dylan Winter who provided boaters and yachtsmen with a wonderful collection of YouTube videos featuring his leisurely, anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Britain. Dylan formalized his collection by coordinating them on his website ‘Keep Turning Left’, and inaugurated a scheme whereby subscribers could make a small donation in the region of £5 for access to all of his videos, photos and written blogs.

As a freelance journalist he greatly relied upon revenue gained from YouTube (Google) and AdSense when viewers clicked on his videos and from revenue when people clicked on advertisements, especially Amazon. Apparently there was at least one individual who rather too enthusiastically clicked on advertisements without buying items – at least, this appears to be the lame excuse used by Google for denying access to his videos. In so doing, this anonymous organisation has barred us from seeing his videos at YouTube and at the same time this has deprived an honest man of his main source of income.

I can’t blame Dylan for denying people access to my YouTube Playlist, ‘Keep Turning Left’, featuring many of his videos – at least, that’s what YouTube would have me believe when I visit my list at: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=7455D082E7EC0E31 . After all, Dylan deserves payment for the enormous amount of work he puts into filming, editing and presenting his superb collection of videos, many with appropriate audio accompaniment.

I confess to being tight-fisted to the extent that although enjoying Dylan’s videos I have never contributed to him in exchange for viewing the full content of his website. I am the loser - the choice is mine, but I feel for him, because he is a sincere man trying to eek out a living. I can and do support him by publishing this article. Maybe others can speak out in his defence? This has been the case with members of the Yachting and Boating World online Forum at: http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=257353&page=5 . (You need to be a member to read entries.)


From information on Dylan’s website, he may be contacted by post at 23, Botyl Road, Botolph Claydon, Bucks MK18 2LP, or by telephone (01296 712761)and by email to Dylan.winter@virgin.net.

Dylan’s boat is a 50 year old Mirror Offshore 19 diesel motor sailer that is named ‘Super Slug’, which he affectionately calls ‘Slug’, when sailing with the wind, and ‘Pig’ when going against the wind!

If you become a contributor to ‘Keep Turning Left’ you should gain access to 26 videos from 2008, 35 videos from 2009, 44 from Scuttlebutt and 8 written blogs.

*Dylan Winter – Keep Turning Left (My previous blog)

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Dylan’s Website

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http://www.youtube.com/user/KeepTurningLeft where I found the under-mentioned videos still working at YouTube on Tuesday, 21st December, 2010:








Mirror Offshore 19 Diesel Yacht for Sale (Similar to Dylan’s yacht) £2000 as at 21st December 2010



Phil said...

Hi Bill, I fully agree with you. Dylans contribution to keeping me sane during the winter is absolutely priceless.
The subscription is $5 a quarter (About £3.23) which is about the same as pint of Tanglefoot :} I certainly don't begrudge Dylan this subscription. It even makes a great christmas pressie if you're struggling to think of what to get a hard to buy for Yachtie (I know, there's no such thing).
Dylan has a great attitude and see this a more an obsticle to overcome rather than an end to his oddysey... I hope he's right.

jim said...

I have recently joined Dylans group of followers and am really impressed. He has inspired ne no end.

Regard jim

captain dave said...

Your photo of NIP used to be my boat and a great little boat it was.so pleased you used my photo.
Regards Dave Wright

captain dave said...

Your photo of NIP used to be my boat and a great little boat it was.so pleased you used my photo.
Regards Dave Wright