Monday, December 06, 2010

Melonseed Skiff Again

Photo extracted from (See link below)

Only a year ago, I can’t believe I was so much in love with a maiden named Melonseed. She has the sweetest lines of any dinghy I’ve ever seen, but she’s not the cheapest to acquire, and in the UK, virtually impossible to find. If I lived in Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.A., it may be a different story, for there I know of an enthusiastic owner of a Melonseed Skiff who has reminded me of his dinghy’s beauty by sending me a Christmas card featuring photos of her. The card also contains this little poem:


Brisk Wind
Stiff Sail
Icy Chop
Dipping rail
Bracing spray
Tugging sheet
Red nose
Cold feet
Roaring bow wave
Frozen fingers
Big grin
Joy that lingers!

For more information about Melonseed Skiffs, see the links below, one of which takes you to my article of a year ago.


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Midwest Melonseed Rendezvous 2009

Wooden Melon Seed


Paul Mullings said...

Love the poem - says it all really!

William Serjeant said...

Yeah, Captures the mood - reminds you of the joy - gives you a hunger for more.


Paul Mullings said...

Not that the water is icy here at the moment - far from it as we have had fantastic weather and no rain for the last month! Still it is our summer Ha ha!