Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sailor’s Rest

A Portion of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ painted in 1889

Sailing free on the emerald sea

Is the sailor’s dream and glee

Dancing on rhythmic waves

He revels in life and forgets the past.

His body is warmed by the summer sun,

And it is cooled by the flying spray.

He feels the wind upon his cheeks,

And sets his sails for the place he seeks.

Be it a secret haven close to heaven

Where albatrosses soar and porpoises leap,

Or a quiet bay with a transparent deep,

There in the lee of a palm-fringed beach

Where jewelled fish shoal and play

And silver sharks hunt their prey.

Wavelets lap upon golden sand;

Shadows lengthen with dipping orb

From bright blue to scarlet hue;

Darkness doth absorb.

Starry night, balmy air,

Crescent moon appears.

Soundings found, fathoms deep,

Our Sailor drops his hook.

Peaceful night and eternal sleep

In the lee of a palm-fringed beach.


Fernando Costa said...

Hello Master Bill!

Beautiful poem. Can you tell me what's the name of the author? Did you ever see this video?

Happy New Year!

Fernando "Estrela d'Alva" Costa

from Cabo Frio, Brazil, Very Hot South Atlantic Ocean

Fernando Costa said...

About the video "Starry Starry Night", there is another version, that I like more than what I sent you. Searched but not found on Youtube. Sorry!

Good Winds!

William Serjeant said...

Well, thank you. I am the author.

Far more beautiful is the poem of Don McLean extolling the beauty of Van Gogh - the inward beauty of the man himself.

I appreciate the link you gave me to his 'Starry Starry Night'.

3,658,050 viewings of his video testify to its appeal.