Thursday, December 16, 2010

‘Ping’ 6.2 metre Ocean Pocket Cruiser


'Ping' again

By chance, when surfing the Internet, I came across a reference to a small, but powerful ocean cruising yacht by the name of ‘Ping’. She was designed by naval architect, Eur Ing Alastair G L Hunter. I had heard of another of his yachts, the double-ended, single-chine ‘Shuffle’, of which there are three versions: the 7.3 metre, the 7.8 metre and the 8.2 metre – all of them made from steel. The smallest of his yachts is the ‘Phantom 14’, which he designed for coastal cruising and weekending. This 14 foot strip-planked, gaff rigged cutter, with a long bowsprit and a topsail, has sitting headroom, and enough space to accommodate a crew of two.

‘Ping’s’ designer classifies her as a ‘pocket deepwater cruiser for one or two people’. She has a 6.2 metre steel, dory-type hull with a heavily ballasted, deep fin keel and a skeg hung rudder. For extended passages, she can carry up to one tonne of stores and still perform well, on or off the wind. An unusual feature is her steeply sloping coachroof which provides good headroom near the companionway, and it gives shelter for her crew when the boat is going to windward. I wouldn’t describe her as the prettiest of boats, but she has several attractive features, such as her wide side decks, long foredeck and shallow sheeting angle for the foresails, plus a self-draining cockpit with a high coaming. Because of her initial stability she will feel like a much bigger yacht.



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