Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Links at Bills-Log – Making a Links Resource

Control Key (Ctrl)

Holding the Control Key

Left-clicking Mouse

Yesterday, John used the comment facility to ask why I do not make clickable links at my Blog. In my reply I explained that it was far too time-consuming, especially as I do a daily Blog. As it is, I can spend several hours a day researching, writing and presenting my Blog. A thought occurred to me that visitors could copy links from my pages, and, with very little effort, they could assemble a collection of them to build a resource related to their own interests.

This is how it can be done:

1 Copy your chosen links and replicate them on a Microsoft Word document. This is best done by using the right click menu from your mouse or touchpad.

2 Give each link a title, and place it in a category, for example, sailing canoes, trailer sailers etc..

3 Energise your links by deleting the last letter or number* of each link and replace it with an identical letter or number, then key in a space. At that point the link becomes ‘live’.

4 Providing you are online, i.e., connected live to the Internet, you can open an energised link by letting your cursor hover it while holding down the control (Ctrl) key and left-clicking your mouse. The webpage in question will popup on your screen.
I know this works on my Windows computer, and, as I have no experience of working with Apple computers, I cannot say if the same will apply to them.

Why not give it a go with this link to Dylan Winter’s ‘Keep Turning Left’ website?

*If a link ends with a forward slash, delete it as you would a letter or number.

Incidentally, I have been humbled by the generosity of Dylan, who, in response to yesterday’s Blog, has given me three months subscription to his website. Go on boaters, join forces with other supporters. Generosity deserves generosity. I have been much abashed for my meanness.

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