Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Decorations

We couldn’t put it off anymore; the opportunity arose for doing the Christmas decorations. Our grandchildren will be with us for the night and all day tomorrow. They will love the miniature Father Christmas that has appeared in our hall for the past umpteen years. He carries a sack of presents that last for ever. He can speed through space faster than light to deliver a multitude of gifts to children all around the planet. Time is of no consequence to him, because his supersonic reindeer break through the barrier of time.

Our TESCO Christmas tree is in its third year, a real evergreen that never fades, but with changing decorations according to the whims of the Mother of the House. This season he is draped in silver trinkets to match the lounge! At the very top there’s a large silver star above twinkling lights that will fire the imagination of three tiny tots, who will go to bed dreaming of a white Christmas, and of a strange, frowning man with a beard of pure white, dressed in a rich red cloak and a golden gown.

Lurking to one side by the TV, there’s a cotton wool snowman with a carrot nose. He wears a woollen scarf to keep him warm. Deep within his belly he hides a secret of mouth-watering candies and soft chocolate fudge, reserved for tiny tongues.

Over the fireplace there’s a snowy scene of green fairy lights and miniature glistening conifers, above an arching grotto where two woollen Christmas gnomes keep their watch, anticipating the opening of stockings stacked full of prezzies, and small hands tearing patterned paper from mystery presents. They await the sound of laughter, and cries of joy from delighted children who will show approval by shouting and clapping their hands.

For the older ones who look on, mums, dads and grandparents, memories of youthful Christmases will traverse their minds and their hearts will be full of thanksgiving for the grace of time and for the gift of life.


Fernando Costa said...

Hello master Bill!

As I promised you, I published in my blog, my ten comments about ten favorites quotes picked up in your excellent novel of the construction of your beloved Sharpy.

Did you read the last one?

Thanks a lot for this very nice experience!

If you agree I would like to come back in the future, to continue to write my crazy comments, very importants to me.

If you don’t like some of this comments, tell me please and I will delete or modify them.

Good winds and "Feliz Natal"!

Fernando Costa, from Cabo Frio, Brazil, Very Hot South Atlantic Ocean.

William Serjeant said...

No problem, Fernando. You have a very interesting Blog. Thank you for the link.

It's still quite cold in the UK. My boat is in a frozen state, but come the spring, she'll thaw out and continue growing until she is fully formed.

Best wishes,

Fernando Costa said...

Yes, master Bill, I imagine that when your beloved Sharpy navigate, you will be the happiest sailor in the world. I hope to be here to see your big smile.

Hey, check this wonderful online exhibit!

My Christmas present to you and your friends!

Fernando "Estrela d'Alva" Costa

William Serjeant said...

Yeah, that's a very clever piece of animation. England lost most of its trees because of boatbuilding.

Happy Christmas to you too,