Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, 30th June

Coat of Arms
Remembrance Plaque

The anchorage here at Falmouth is sheltered and it has every convenience a yachtsman may need, including a well-stocked chandlers. Close to hand there ar toilets and showers. Shops selling most things are a stone’s throw away. I wanted a tin opener, which I found straight away at Trego Mills.

Quite a bit of the morning was spent cleaning the yacht, inside and out. Once again I used the long-handle brush to scrub the boat’s bottom. There is never a need to beach ’Ladybird’ for cleaning her bottom. Obviously, I can not get at the part between the keels, but all other areas of underwater surface can be reached.

Wandering along the narrow road that runs parallel to the waterfront I noticed a superb sculpted and painted coat of arms above the old Custom House. A little further along the road a footpath runs beside the quays and jetties to where three or four super yachts are moored by the Maritime Museum, but two things caught my attention: a war remembrance plaque for those who had served in the forces during the second world war and a pair of swans with their signets.

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