Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursday, 1st July

Bob Burns

Roamer's bow

Roamer's stern

Pilot Boat

Another view

Until now I have been very fortunate with the excellent weather, but today, here in Falmouth the rain has been coming down from mid morning; it is now early evening and there seems to be no letup. I phoned my wife who is at home near Southend-on-Sea and she says it has been almost unbearably hot with sunshine!

The tactic has been to stay in the boat to keep as dry as possible; however, I think the Camping Gaz may be running out for the ship’s cooker; therefore I walked to the nearest garage which happens to be an Esso one, at least a mile or so away at the top of a hill. As it happens, they do not do Butane or any other type of bottled gas. A walk back to the chandler confirmed a 907 canister is in stock, so if mine runs out by Friday, I’ll be able to buy a replacement there. I am hoping to start the return home on Saturday if the weather is suitable.

I noticed that Bob Burn’s ‘Roamer’ is moored at the visitors’ pontoon. She has been made of steel, some of which is rusting. After sailing her around the world , including going around Cape Horn, Bob wrote a book which he recently promoted at Falmouth. His very sturdy yacht is rigged as a junk ketch.

In addition to Bob’s vessel, I was interested in the two Pilot boats that are based at a nearby pontoon. One of them is similar to the boats at Ramsgate.

I am finding that I cannot charge my laptop from the ship’s battery, possibly because it is not fully charged; therefore I am having to get the computer charged up ashore. The supervisor of the visitors’ pontoon was kind enough to charge it for me; hence you are able to receive this posting.

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