Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday, 6th July

Bolt Head as seen from the Coastal Path

Sheep grazing by the Coastal Path

Nearby beach

Simon getting ready to leave Salcombe

Simon Renton

Simon's Wayfarer

Today I stayed in port at Salcombe to do the laundry, buy food and go for a walk. What better place could I stop at? Just see the photo of the nearby beach and look at the photos I took during my afternoon walk along the coastal path. Apart from the horseflies, the wildlife was wonderful. There were skylarks, pheasants, wrens and even buzzards. I saw different species of butterflies and so many types of trees, bushes and ferns. The views over the River were picturesque and they could inspire an artist to capture their charm on canvas or paper.

While putting the shopping and laundry in the dinghy at the Salcombe Public Pontoon I chatted with Simon Renton who is sailing around Britain in a Wayferer dinghy. He started his clockwise circumnavigation at London on 3rd June. He hopes to reach Plymouth by this evening. I think he will have a hard beat across Bigbury Bay. Simon’s website is www.simonrenton.co.uk .

I’m intending to have another walk this evening, but on the Salcombe side of the River.

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